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LiYing LY-3D FHD 1080P 2500lm Dual DMD Not-Flash Polarized 3D Projector - White

74365.27 р.

Newest Hot Selling Full HD 1080P 2500L Dual Lens Not Flash-Type Polarized 3D Projector for 1080P Blu-Ray 3D Cinema; 1. High resolution: HDMI(3840 x 1080) XGA (2 x 1024 x 768) 2. High Brightness: 2000~2500 Lumens (LED) 3. Large projection size: 200 inches That is our latest 3D projector with lossless luminance polarized 3D technology: Design for 3D and compatible with 2D. The optical system with this technology has no energy loss after converting 2Ddisplay mode to 3Ddisplay mode. Also it has other excellent features such as strong peripheral compatibility expansibility and not using polarized glasses in front of the projection lens. So it can achieve higher brightness and lower power. The overall technological makeup is optimized for 3D so it exceeds the existing 3D display products. Use area: Home theater Office School Small Cinema Entertainment etc Noted: This 3D projector cannot be used to display 3D TV broadcasts or 3D Blu-ray discs it needs to be worked with a computer! 3D source 3D Silver Screen and 3D Circular polarized glasses are required. Specifications: Lumen Lossless 3D Technology 2500 3D lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio Compatible with 2D and 3D Rapid power on and shutdown – saving you time and money Lamp life reach more than 20000 hours 3D digital integrated technology support unlimited extending OS Compatibility Windows XPvistawin7; Linux; Mac OS.
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